The Trees

Classes IX- X

This formative phase decides the professional life of a student. There are thousands of questions in the mind of students. There is so much choice. The facilitators are well geared in their planning and management to help students strike a perfect cord between academics and co-curricular activities. This is the phase when the call of the hour is to understand the importance of ‘Time-management’ and ‘Man- management’. Therefore the Academic programme is customized in a way to facilitate not just textbook learning but also enables students to get familiar with the world outside. We have expansive plans of formulating a detailed time line and guidelines which will be put into effect for completion of work, preparation of classroom assignments and assessment.

We will be putting in to effect specialised counselling sessions to help students identify their field of interest on the basis of their ability and aptitude. Students will be provided with information on varied opportunities and avenues available. Students are also encouraged to gain information about various educational and professional opportunities so that they are able to make an informed and wise choice for themselves