Campus Overview

Situated within a fifteen minute drive from Uppal , fifteen-minute drive from Ramanthapur and a twenty-minute drive from Secunderabad ; our campus is conveniently located for all. The four acre plot of land is set 100m+ from the main road thereby providing a very private and safe location.View Map here.

The buildings are custom built based on the recommendations of experienced teaching fraternity. Common to all schools is our state of arts vast grounds which is complimented with indoor sports complex.

The pre-primary school is a single storey design that is both simple and modern to be in-tune with needs of our younger pupils. Including an administration block together with the teachers’ office, play room , storage and security room. There are four large classrooms plus an undercover assembly area and an iconic custom-built playground; which meets high-end standards.

The secondary block with spacious classrooms, high standard laboratories, a large library and student common room all surrounding the student courtyard.

The laboratories allow our students get proper hands-on practical experience in subjects such as Science, ICT and Mathematics. The school encourages students to experience various extracurricular activities by providing art, music and dance with essential infrastructural features.

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