The Saplings

Classes VI to VIII :

Often referred to as the wonder years, this phase of a student’s life is a crucial and a memorable one. Children in the Middle School level start developing a sharper focus in terms of their goals and ambitions in life. They also begin to identify more closely with certain peer groups and fine tune their skills in areas of interest to them.

This adolescent phase is often categorized as one of physical changes and emotional upheavals. Understandably, the facilitators at The Suprabhat Model High School take on multiple roles of friends, guides and mentors. The students are guided to think and act responsibly and make effective judgments in the family, school and within society.

Our curriculum at the Middle School stage is aimed at helping students become active thinkers and confident learners. Activities such as conferences, debates, field trips, counselling sessions and personality development workshops have thus been designed to promote self-awareness, development and understanding.