Our Visionaries

The Secretary of the society

The Secretary of the society, Sri Nalla Narasimha Reddy, is the founder member of the management team and a successful entrepreneur with 20 years experience and commitment towards education.

Sri. Nalla Narasimha Reddy, The Chairman of the Society, is also the Chairman of Nalla Narasimhareddy Group Of Instituions. He is a qualified Lawyer and a reputed Educationist. He has headed a large number of organisations in the capacity of President, Director, Member and Trustee. His acumen has served him to move a long distance upon the success ladder. He is also associated with a large number of social and welfare activities.

His Vision

His vision is to establish a school, with multi-faceted in approach, endowed with an ideally suited infrastructure and environment to accomplish the two-fold objectives of education: namely to augment the academic acumen of a learner and to invest in its pupils a wholesome development, tapping the innate potential towards being responsible citizen of the world.

Thigulla Sampath Reddy-Director (Acad.)

Sri. Thigulla Sampath Reddy, Director (Acad.), MS. Computer Science from University Of Central Missouri, Missouri State, U.S.A. was awarded Best Graduate for Excellence in Studies. He represents the next Indian generation who always believes in giving that “extra” into working as to really mean the word “Excellence”. He supports every event and every step taken to reach the zenith. He is of a mindset as to give freedom to the wings of fancy and create.

Sindhu Nalla is the Director of the SMHS School

Smt. Sindhu Nalla is the Director of the School. She is a qualified Engineer who has Graduated from Chicago State University,USA. Blessed with futuristic insights and strong leadership skills, She firmly believes that “Every child should be inspired to have the heart of Buddha and the brain of Einstein”. A calm and caring person by nature, she compares young children to seeds that need careful nurturing and hence has built an institution that caters to the complete well being of the children at school.

N Vageshwari

Ms. N. Vageshwari an educator, who has worked in various prestigious institutions as Principals and Dean for 18 years.
Started off as teacher and t therefore has a better understanding of the teaching - learning process. She has been a successful teacher trainer in various institutions. She believes in simplifying concepts to make the education scenario more simple.
She believes that any organization can reach its heights of glory only through building, and taking forward a strong TEAM. She believes that a child may belong to a certain level of intelligence. He/She can be taken forward by giving the student the freedom to choose his/her pace of understanding. Knowledge should be fun for children, not-an exercise to finish.