The Shoots

Classes I to V:

As children reach the junior stages of education and development at school, they are encouraged to nurture their dreams, interests and hobbies to cultivate a deeper curiosity. It is in this phase that a child wishes to try out every activity and to be everything he/she aspires to be. The likes, dislikes, strengths and weaknesses of every child start coming to the forefront and in turn determine their aptitudes and interests.

Our facilitators acknowledge the need to serve as mentors and guiding forces to children to help them along this wondrous path of self discovery. At the same time, a strong base in education is built through formal and informal learning situations to prepare them for greater and more abstract academic challenges. These are realized through group activities such as quizzes, field excursions, project work, role plays, assembly presentations and group discussions.

A greater focus is also laid on formal learning of Languages, Mathematics, Community and Environmental Studies.