Examination Policy

Exams and grades are temporary, but education is permanent. Thus the major focus of SMHS is to educate the students and inculcate various skills, values in them, aiming at the all round development of the students. In SMHS, at Primary level we follow the value based and well structural syllabus, that train our young minds to adopt CBSE pattern syllabus and examination at the high school level.

Our students at primary level are assessed continuously both Scholastically and Co scholastically. The assessment structure and examination comprises two terms (term I and term II). This is done through three periodic tests, Half - yearly Examination and Final Examination. Subjects like Health and Physical Education, Work Education and Art Education are given equal importance and graded, based on the individual performance of the students. Grades are also given grades for the notebook submission, subject enrichment activities and projects done by the students. Thus, Suprabhatians at Primary School gets a practice to face the exam of CBSE at their High School level.